Pregnancy And Baby Dreams Decoded

Whether you are pregnant or not, you may find yourself jolted awake from dreams that seem more like reality than Lala Land. Especially if you are dreaming about babies or pregnancy, you may be wondering what they mean. Why do we dream? And even more so, why do we dream about babies and pregnancy? What is the symbolism behind these dreams? Why are dreams so much more vibrant when we are pregnant?

Here, we reveal the fascinating answers to your curiosities on the subject.

18 Interpretations

The symbolic reasoning behind dreams can often be directly conflicting, or have opposite meaning in regards to their value in living life versus dreaming life. The difference between positive or negative interpretation is largely reflected by your inner nature. What they mean to you is linked with the perspectives that you exhibit in your life, and are related to how your psyche interprets living events. Dreams, which occur in the subconscious, will usually take on the same tone as those in your active awareness. This means that people who often look at the glass as half full, will more likely relate to the negative interpretations of a dream. Those who have a tendency towards optimism in life will associate with the positive symbolisms that are offered.

17 Vivid Dreams during Pregnancy

The release of pregnancy related hormones, can wreak havoc on sleep patterns and quality of sleep. These pesky hormones can even affect the type of sleep and the dreams we have. Many pregnant women speak of frequent, off beat, or vivid dreams, and sometimes all three! Research shows that dreams can alter according to each specific trimester, according to the hormones that affect the woman. These hormones work together with the anxieties that many women feel about impending birth and responsibilities. Dreams are the way that your subconscious works through the deep concerns that are harbored during this time. The events that unfold during sleep can exhibit imagery.

16 Dreaming About Babies

It is generally a good omen to dream of a baby. Babies depict warm fuzzy feelings of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They can represent the feelings of puppy love that emerge in a new, pure relationship or of the excitement of a new chapter in your life. These dreams can also symbolize a person who is coming of age and gaining an inner recognition of their immature or developing self. The subconscious can be signalling a need for nurturance or an inner longing for security in a time of change. During times of personal development, the waking self may not be able to acknowledge that times of growth can be tough, but dreams help to expose the subconscious truth held within. Dreaming of a baby can depict the unacknowledged reality that one needs to learn to carry their own burden, take care of oneself, and to grow up in general. The dreaming state understands that caring for a baby (or for oneself) takes great effort and may come with many anxieties, fears, and challenges. Some interpretations believe that dreaming of a baby can also be a precursor to a confirmed pregnancy, stating that the unconscious mind is powerful enough to know of a pregnancy even before the medical evidence is present.

15 A Crying Baby

This relatively negative dream can be both stressful during the dream and after. A crying baby is often indicative of disappointments in your life, some type of inner deprivation, or a part of the self that is being unfulfilled and denied nurturance. This dream could be telling you that something is missing from your life or that you don’t feel complete. It may show that you are seeking understanding and support from others, where it does not exist. Some cultures believe that dreaming of a crying baby can signal poor health and disappointments in the coming year. If you are pregnant, this dream may be expressing your inner fears about your capabilities for taking care of your unborn child.

14 A Nursing Baby

Some interpretations claim that this dream reveals inner concerns or anxieties about breast cancer. This does not necessarily mean that you have breast cancer, but that you are anxious about it, possibly due to the active presence of it in your immediate social circle. If you can tell that the baby is hungry, it may reveal that you are not properly taking care of yourself in waking life. If you are nursing a baby in your dreams, it may also be an indicator of how easily you can give yourself to others. It may also represent your ability to care for a new aspect or being in your life. This dream is also believed to symbolize a woman’s acceptance of her matured, adult self. When dreamt by a woman, this dream could be a sign that you are or will soon be deceived by the person that you trust most in life. It may also be related to past struggles or reservations about breastfeeding your own children.

13 A Dancing Baby

A baby or child dancing in your dreams can suggest the birth of a new, whimsical event or idea that is emerging within you. It can also be an indicator of a happy home life. This dream may signal excitement over upcoming achievements and the possibilities that the future may hold. If you are a parent, the baby that you dream of may represent your real life child, whom you have great hopes and ambitions for. An alternative interpretation is that this dream represents the social fears of acting dumb, of falling speechless, or of being viewed as incapable and childish.

12 A Drowning Baby

This dream can be a signal of being overwhelmed by your feelings, drowning in your emotions, being overly sensitive, or “crying like a baby”. Sometimes it can be viewed as a reflection of real life worries about concerns over a child drowning, especially if your child is constantly exposed to or participating in water related sports. If the drowning child is not your own, it could symbolize that you need to put away your childish nature and accept adulthood. When the child seems to be yours, but you do not have any children, it could represent a project or job that is in danger; such as a changing work environment or a competitor that poses a risk to you. Observation of a baby drowning can represent an idea that has been terminated too soon, in the planning stages before it even began. If you are the one rescuing the baby or child, it could mean that you are allowing your own vulnerability and are willing to accept help from others.

11 Changing Diapers

This particular dream has widely varying interpretations, and could have a variety of meanings in your life. For example, noticing that a baby needs changing may indicate changes that need to take place within your life or being. Or it can symbolize vulnerabilities within yourself, and feelings of embarrassment and shame that you need others to care for you. It can also reveal feelings of uncertainty and lack of control in your life. This dream can sometimes represent an inner desire to care and nurture someone else, particularly children. A part of your being that craves the opportunity to be compassionate and supportive of another person, may be emerging. It can show that you are content in life and are capable of offering compassion and nurturance. Some cultures believe that dreaming of babies with dirty diapers, can be symbolic of great riches on the way, and are an omen of money in the future.

10 Babies Dying

Often times, death in dreams, is not a negative thing, but symbolizes turning over a new leaf, such a starting a new job, changing schools, moving, or the real life loss of old friends. It can also represent an important aspect of your life that you have let go by the wayside, have sacrificed, or have simply neglected to let come to fruition. These could be unfulfilled goals that need acknowledgement in your life. This dream may also reveal a maturation of the inner self, of being able to let go of juvenile thinking and behavior. Dreaming of a dead baby can represent a part of you that has been lost, and will never be the same again.

9 A Sleeping Baby

This is another dream with directly conflicting meanings that could be relevant to you in a variety of ways. It can represent calmness, happiness, and contentment, peace of mind, no worries, or a clear conscience. But, a sleeping baby can also represent unawareness or uncertainty about something that will soon be revealed. This dream can foretell an upcoming period of rest and detachment from issues that you are currently involved in. Predicts great progress for the immediate future that you are moving in the right direction and that success or happiness is right around the corner.

8 A Lost/Missing Baby

Losing a baby in your dreams signifies losing something valuable to you in your waking life, perhaps the lost hope in a relationship. It can indicate that you are feeling loss of control over your own actions. It may also reflect your fears of not meeting the expectations of others, worry, and guilt. If you find the baby unharmed in your dream and return it to safety, this is a very positive omen about your future. This dream can also be a sign of you missing your youth, of an inner longing for simpler times with less responsibility. Your inner child is telling you to slow down and enjoy the playful side of life, learn to immerse yourself into more than just working life.

7 A Small or Large Baby

Giving birth to a small baby represents apprehension about others knowing who you really are as a person. You may be harboring feelings that reflect your insecurities or that may reveal areas of weakness. Giving birth to a large baby symbolizes a time of great change, an important life altering event, or even the possibility of acquiring substantial riches.

6 Specific Gender

When a woman dreams of a baby girl, it represents her inner child that needs to mature. It is sometimes believed that the sex of a baby in the dream of a pregnant woman or her husband can indicate that the baby will be of the opposite sex. A baby girl also symbolizes great pleasure, joy, wealth, or luck for the person having the dream. It is a direct symbol of femininity and represents the ability to create life from within and to nurture its growth. When a woman dreams of a baby boy, it may be a clue that some aspect in her life needs to be nurtured and encouraged to mature. A boy can also symbolize coming sorrow, sadness, grief, difficulty or distress for the person who is pregnant in the dream. A baby boy also represents a masculine entity that is in need of outward projection to emerge and mature.

5 More than 1 Baby

Dreaming of twins may represent two equally valuable projects, ideas, or goals that are competing for attention in your life. Twins can also represent the split between our inner being, the opposite sides of the personality, or division between the wakeful or sleeping mind. Some interpretations believe that twins are a sign of telepathy, signaling an unconscious link between a person and their unborn or deceased twin. Another perspective reveals that dreaming of twins can depict a comparison between apart of the self that has been realized versus a dormant or unrealized part of the self.

Dreaming of multiple babies could be bringing attention that you have too many responsibilities, problems, or even goals for to deal with. Multiples in your dreams can also symbolize an incredible new start in your life, a change in your overall life path, or a revelation about new ideas and opinions. Many cultures believe that frequently dreaming of many babies in a single dream is an omen for great prosperity.

4 Holding Someone Else’s Baby

Holding a baby in your dreams is generally regarded as a symbol of socialism, your inner being pushing you to branch out into society, to become a part of what you are passionate about, and to connect with the others that you need to be a part of. It can also represent a maternal instinct, or the feeling that you are being held responsible for something that should be for another person to handle. This dream can also be a recollection of a time when you felt needed and depended upon in your living life. It can be symbolic of learning to love your inner child, to allow yourself to develop new ideas, and to succeed with them

3 Giving Birth

In a dream, this symbolizes a new phase in your life, or fresh start. It also represents a suppressed longing for someone to take care of you, for as long as possible. It can be a sign that you like to be dependent on another and that you are looking for this in your life. In theory, this can mean that you also don’t want responsibility of taking care of another person, even yourself. In a woman who is not likely to become pregnant, it may be precursor to soon discovering a hidden treasure. If you actually are pregnant, it is likely that this is an anxiety dream, one that is projecting your fears and worries about labor and birth.

Witnessing a birth that is not your own could indicate personal accomplishments in your life, a promising future, or a period of exceptional creativity, ability, resourcefulness, and imagination

2 Being Pregnant

To dream about being pregnant is relatively common for all women, regardless of if an actually pregnancy is present. Some interpretations do believe it can indicate pregnancy in some instances, or it can simply be a projection of a woman’s fears, worries, or desires about being pregnant. Generally, these dreams are related to an area of personal growth or development, and even an upcoming burst of creativity. An unknown pregnancy or surprise pregnancy in your dreams may reveal that you are not ready to accept or acknowledge the personal developments that you are on the brink of.

1 Underlying Causes for your Dreams

Renowned physician and psychologist, Sigmund Freud, believed that dreams are the window into our unconscious. Freud’s studies about dreams have been used to analyze and understand the aspects of the personality as they relate to pathology. He believed that these dreams do not occur by chance but that these unconscious thoughts have a tendency to reveal the urges and impulses that we have been conditioned to repress. These elements of the psyche must be released, and often come to the surface in disguised forms, like in our dreams. Freud’s conclusions on dreaming tells us that these glimpses into our unconscious selves are usually centered on the primal impulses, pleasures, desires, urges, or unfulfilled wishes that we have.

To better understand the meaning of your dreams, you can ask yourself a few questions that may lead to you the root of your unconscious mind.

Ask yourself: Is there a part of you that is being neglected and needs nurturing? Do you need to grow up to handle your responsibilities, and also to let others handle their own? Are you being naïve about a certain aspect of your life? Are you longing for a deep relationship in which the other person is dependent on you, or when you are dependent on them? Are you a parent, soon to be a parent, or hoping to be a parent, and having fears about your capabilities?

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