Your Ultimate Guide For A Healthy Pregnancy. You Might Not Like It, But You'll Probably Love It.

The word ‘pregnant,’ strikes so many thoughts and pictures in an inexperienced mind. Being pregnant is more than having a bump or feeling sick. Pregnancy has its own funny moments as well, like having baby brain, where you keep forgetting even the simplest things.

Then begins the fetus movements, which in the start is a simple ticklish feeling, but eventually it proceeds to prominent kicks. Moreover, the bump keeps increasing in size making it difficult for us to bend or even look at our feet and legs.

And guess what? Yes, shaving our legs and cleaning our feet now requires someone’s assistance. As the due date approaches, the last minute preparations for the baby and for the hospital stay take its toll.

With all that, we also have to take some time to relax and live in the moment of pregnancy. Here are 7 parts of every pregnant woman’s life.

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6 Being Pregnant is a Responsibility

It's a responsibility to carry something so fragile within yourself. Especially for those of you who are used to running around, working vigorously and are into cleaning every corner of your home. You have to be extra careful and keep reminding yourselves to take it easy.

For a woman who needs to be reminded to eat or drink, she'll now have eat meals more frequently and drink more glasses of water so that her fetus remains healthy.

Many of the foodstuffs you love to eat, have to be avoided. Drinking alcohol has to be stop and the late night parties come to a halt because staying up late will not work with pregnancy.

Preparing for the Baby is a Lot of Work

Then there' the financial responsibility of pregnancy and having a baby, you should start saving more and spending less. If we're pregnant with a supporting partner, then it’s still a good idea to save because there's someone to share this responsibility with.

But if you're a single mom whose irresponsible partner just backed off, then there is a good deal of hard work left up to you alone, making it harder for you to be financially prepared for the baby.

And after the baby is born you'll have to decide whether you stay home and raise your baby alone, or go back to work and try to find affordable daycare. Plus, not every job gives special treatment to pregnant women.

Pregnancy is Constantly Changing

Once you're pregnant you'll read about all the different parenting methods, styles--the do’s and the don’ts. You might join parenting classes or Lamaze classes.

And among all that extra work, reminders and education, you need to tell yourselves to relax and do something for yourselves because at the end of the day if the mother is all stressed out, the baby will be too. 

5 Pregnancy for Some Isn’t Easy

For some women, pregnancy requires a lot of effort. It's not like you spent a night having sex with your partner and conceived right then. It takes time for many of us. Sometimes you're not even sure of how much time it will take. Sometimes you might even lose hope.

There comes a point when having sex becomes a goal to become pregnant, rather than enjoying the love it brings.

Trips to the fertilization clinics are a mental burden because it keeps reminding you that what many could have so easily, you're struggling to have.

6% of Married Women Struggle to Become Pregnant

It makes you lose confidence in yourselves, in your body, in your hormones. You feel like there's something wrong with you and it drags you down.

Intimate times turn into checklist, with what to do, how to do it and what needs to be omitted. Seriously, it kills all the fun. It may be very easy for people to say don’t try so hard because what will happen, will happen. But it isn’t that easy.

Especially when you see couples already having two kids and you're struggling to have your first one.

When it finally happens, it's different than those who got it easily. Both mother and the father are extra careful and keep their treasure as safe as possible.

Infertility Is a Real Mood Killer

They're on top of the medical visits every month and even insist on seeing the doctor twice a month. They'll take more precautions, eating the right foods and buying food from the right places.

They do everything they can to sustain the pregnancy.

4 Problems that Occur During Pregnancy

There is so much our body has to do during pregnancy--both physical and hormonal changes. These changes at times cause a lot of irritation and discomfort and sometimes they're alarming since they occur all of a sudden.

Constipation during pregnancy is a common problem due to the hormonal changes the body is going through. And we all know how terribly irritating constipation can become especially if it gets prolonged for days.

Cramps can be scary during pregnancy. Cramps usually occur at night when you're asleep. Another consequence of hormonal changes is feeling faint. It becomes utterly difficult to stand for long, take long baths or work continuously. We need to take short breaks in every little while.

Pregnancy Symptoms Can Turn into Pregnancy Problems

You might have heard a pregnant women complain about feeling hot all the time. You guessed it right! The credit once again goes to hormonal changes and an increase in blood supply to the skin. It makes us sweat more than usual.

Then there's the constant need to urinate all the time. You can't enjoy hanging out with friends, movies--everything has to be put on pause while you run to the bathroom.

Some physical changes might consist of darkening of skin color, especially the ones around the nipples. Stretch marks and extra body hair are another annoyance of pregnancy.

Not All Women Experience the Same Symptoms and to the Same Degree

Varicose veins can plague you in the last months of pregnancy and make walking and moving around very difficult. Not to mention the backache, headaches, high blood pressure, indigestion and heartburn, itching, leaking nipples and the list goes on.

And some symptoms are so serious they require urgent medical help.

3 Pregnancy Pains Don't Make You Selfish

It’s not like a woman who is opting to get pregnant is some kind of sacrificing Goddess. She's a human being like any other woman. She's the same as the woman who said ‘no’ to having children.

Each one of us is different, some can bear pain without making a lot of fuss about it, whereas some relieve their pain by talking about it. But it doesn’t make the pregnant women selfish for expressing what she's going through.

I know a few friends who couldn’t bear the pain of pregnancy. They told me how much they hated being pregnant. I saw them cry and whine. But once they had their baby, they've been the best mothers.

There's No Reward for Pregnant Women Who Suffer in Silence

Their parenting skills are so perfect, it's like they've been trained from an early age for motherhood. And some of them have even gotten pregnant again, and the crying and whining starts all over again, but once it’s over, they take care of their baby.

Women are under a lot of emotional stress when they're pregnant. So it's no wonder that they might break down and cry over a simple stomach pain or headache.

Being pregnant is like being attacked by different kinds of invaders from all possible angles and there's no escape. Some women can cope, while others can't. At the end of the day, they're all doing a wonderful job

2 Listen to Unwanted Advice

Pregnant women always hear about gaining weight and how they should work on shedding some calories by regular exercise and proper diet. As if they're not already concerned about it themselves.

They'll be given a long list of what to eat and what not eat. People will want to comment on their body shape because apparently they have nothing better to do.

Worse, they joke about it thinking it will make the pregnant woman laugh, but seriously that doesn’t work. Instead it makes us focus on our weight in an unhealthy way.

Everyone's Got Something to Say

It's funny how some pregnant women turn into the Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy when they're with another pregnant woman. They don’t even bother to consider that pregnancy is an individual experience. And those who don't know better wind up listening to them whinge on.

There's nothing wrong in giving advice if a pregnant woman actually asks for it. In the future don’t burden pregnant women with any more of your pearls of wisdom unless they specifically ask you to.

6. Feel Sorry for Our Bodies

As much as we love our baby, we also love our body, because if it hadn’t been for our body, we wouldn’t have been able to carry our baby and give birth to it. Our body has to go through so much when we're pregnant, so it deserves our sympathy.

By the time we have our first child we actually believe we've reached our threshold and one child will do. It's only after a little while when we get back our stamina and health that we realize our body is stronger than we know.

Your Body Needs TLC Before and After Pregnancy

As the pregnancy goes on we try relaxing at the spa or salon. People might think it's vanity, but we know that our body needs to be taken care of. We have come a long way together so it deserves a lot of respect.

In fact, each one of us be it a man or a woman must take care of their body, because without a body there's no life. From time to time we must stop and take time out from our busy schedules and just spend some time alone treating ourselves. 

1 One Glimpse Makes Us Forget Our Pain

Pregnancy is worth it. It doesn’t matter how time consuming or painful our labor was, because once we finally lay our eyes on our baby, we forget the rest. All we know is that our very own child is now a part of this world.

From the moment we see them in the nurses’ hands, we think about all that we'll do for them. We start predicting their nature and personality, will they be like their father or like us, naughty or calm and sweet.

There are so many questions in our mind regarding the baby and we want to have them answered all at once.

The next few days after labor aren’t very easy because we're still getting used to the new member of our family and the new routine that comes with it.

Pregnancy is Both Beautiful and Complicated

Plus, there's still a lot of pain since our body is still healing. But even then we enjoy looking after our baby and smiling as if everything is alright.

Sure there's the odd moment when we might feel depressed, but we fight it away just so that we remain mentally and physically active for our baby.

So with all that said, pregnancy is not just about going through a lot of pain to being extremely happy. Just like every other stage of life, this phase has its ups and downs.

It's natural that sometimes we might all be excited and over the moon, while the next moment we will be needing a friend’s shoulder to cry on and talk about how much we are suffering. Pregnancy is tough.

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