YouTube Family Mr. Kate Delivers Healthy Baby In Stunning Birth Story Video

If you have never heard of the famous YouTube series called Mr. Kate, it's definitely a must-see.

Known as the "creative weirdos", the show follows Kate and her partner, Joey, as they complete a variety of interior design challenges, while also exploring some different DIYs and just talking about life.

Most recently, the couple's show has been more focused on their upcoming baby and looking into nursery designs, while still posting a variety of design interventions. With 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube, the couple's popularity continues to grow as their shows are nothing short of comical and fun to watch.

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To their fans' excitement, a few days ago, the couple posted their baby's birth video. After a 40 hour long labour, the couple shares the highlights of the labour and delivery of their baby, Moon.

In the video, Kate talks about her labour beginning "Our birth story started as I think many birth stories start... in the middle of the night after a spicy meal," she says in the post.

Two hours after eating Ethiopian food, Kate says her water broke. Experiencing what a lot of women have, Kate says her contractions began in her back and when what should have been a time of relief between contractions was still aching pain.

Seven and a half hours later, Kate's sister joined the support team. The "sensation" as Kate describes it in the video was so intense, and with the help of a shower and different hypnobirthing techniques, she managed to make it through 17 hours of labour before heading to the hospital.

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Kate also says what helped her natural birth was her sister hanging up positive reminders to trust her body and her baby. After the doctors told the pair that Kate was only 3cm dilated, the natural birth had to come to an end as her water had already been broken for 24 hours.

To prevent infection from setting in, Kate was given Pitocin and an epidural to speed things up. With the labour failing to progress, Kate began to develop a fever and the doctors knew they had to get the baby out as soon as possible.

After a long labour, Kate was taken into the ER for a c-section and soon after, baby Moon Albrecht-Zehr was born. Kate stresses that although her birth story was a bit scary, every birth is different and she is so thankful for her new blessing.

Congratulations to the new parents!

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