This YouTuber’s Fake Fart Gender Reveal Has Gone Viral

Gender reveals have reached a new level with this YouTuber’s choice of a fart reveal. Intrigued, many internet users have clicked on the video to satisfy their curiosity. After they watched it, they probably regretted their decision, as the image is now engraved into their minds.

The trend of gender reveal videos officially gone too far. At first, the extravagance was the only thing that was ramping up. Helicopters and building lights were getting involved, and it seemed like new parents felt the need to beat the previous record set. With this new way to reveal a baby’s gender, the aspect of the celebrations that is getting more ridiculous is the need to have a unique one.

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YouTuber Paige Ginn decided to colour her farts to reveal her baby’s gender. She filmed a video of herself bottomless on the floor of her kitchen. Behind her, there were a bunch of pink and blue balloons and flowers. In the video, Ginn is seen concentrating on a fart, and a blue coloured cloud came out of her bottom. Her friends went wild, and now we know in arguably the worst way possible that she is having a son.

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While some gender reveal videos and parties are creative and fun, examples like this one are too much. Avery Alder, the “inventor” of gender reveal parties, agrees with this sentiment. She even admitted that at the time she did it, she wasn’t as knowledgeable about social issues as she is now. Making an event out of someone’s assigned gender at birth can be problematic. Focusing on that alone and not the baby as a whole may create a lot of problems in the future.

For now, people just aren’t sure how to react to new gender reveal videos. The idea has transformed from cute confetti-filled balloon pops to stained farts. With the ramping up of the strangeness, this fart reveal is strange but unfortunately does not phase us. There are many stranger videos on the internet, but there’s still something that doesn’t sit right in knowing that a mom chose coloured farts to reveal something about her kid.

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