YouTuber Shares Her Experience Having A Baby In Prison

A famous Youtube, Jessica Kent, explains her life as a pregnant inmate and giving birth while being a prisoner.

Jessica Kent, a Youtuber, shares how she delivered her daughter while in prison. She shares how she is a recovering addict and she is now 7 years sober. She was arrested on a set of gun and drug charges. She was put into county jail and she began detoxing. A couple of weeks into being in jail she said that she started to feel sick. She was detoxing but this sick felt different than just from detoxing from the methamphetamines. Kent went to the nurse's station to get checked out because she was sick and feeling a lot of cramps. The busy nurse came back and told her that she was pregnant and kept on going on with her duties. Kent went back and was completely shocked by the news that she had just heard.

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A few moments later one of the guards came to her cell and yelled that she needed to be moved because she was pregnant. Kent was mortified that the guard would yell this intimate detail about her life for everybody to hear. Kent admitted that not everybody in her block liked her because of issues with the baby daddy. Kent was so terrified that everybody would now know that she was pregnant. You never want people in jail or prison to let you see a weakness and now they had a way to get to her. Kent explains that some of the women in jail are extremely dangerous and so she knew that she wasn't safe.

Kent shared that she spent the next three months being uncomfortable and not feeling very good. They didn't give her any prenatal vitamins or any help. They finally brought her to her first doctor's visit and she said that it was so embarrassing. They brought her to the free clinic in her orange jumpsuit, belly chains, wrist chains as well as ankle chains. She said that she was forced to sit in the waiting room with everybody else and they would just sit there and talk about her right in front of her. She said that people were even taking pictures of her.

She received a plea agreement where she would spend 2 1/2 years in prison and 2 1/2 years old on parole. She signed the plea and she then was sent over to prison. At this point, she is 6 months pregnant. She was placed in a group of women who were also pregnant. She was watching the other women deal with the same thing as she was and she said that the whole thing just was very emotional. None of the guards cared that she was pregnant and made her do all of the things that were expected of the other inmates even though it was very hard for her because she was so pregnant.

One day she woke up and she was feeling really bad back pain. It was so uncomfortable for her. She didn't want to tell people that she was in labor because she thought it wasn't active labor yet. She started walking down to the mess hall and it became so painful that it was hard to breathe. She sat down at her table and a contraction hit her so hard that she dropped her spork. The woman sitting next to her screamed at the guards and told her that Kent was in labor. Kent was so mad because she said, "I couldn't have a baby!" She didn't want to have the baby because she knew she was going to lose the baby. She walked to the infirmory by herself and once she got there the nurses told her that she couldn't go to the hospital yet and she had to wait for shift change.

The nurses placed her in a wheelchair where they had her sit on a puppy pad because she was bleeding so much. They left her there in the wheelchair for three hours by herself while she was dealing with contractions and bleeding everywhere. She wasn't allowed to call any of her family to tell them that she was in labor. She just sat there alone. Finally, an ambulance came and picked her up and brought her to the hospital. When she got to the hospital they checked her out and said that she was 6cm dilated and they would need to bring her to labor and delivery. Kent shares how the nurses were just really mean and condescending. None of them would actually talk directly to her. All of the nurses would talk to the correctional counselor. When she finally pushed her last push she turned her head away and started crying. She thought that if she didn't look at the baby then she wouldn't get attached and it would be easier for her to say goodbye. The correctional officer said, "Girl you better look at that baby." And Kent said she looked at her daughter and she was the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

She got to spend 48 hours with her daughter before they took her away and they had to pry her hands off of the baby bassinet. When she got back to the prison she was kept in the infirmary for a few weeks because the nurses could tell she was not alright. In order to avoid having her milk come in, she had to wrap her breasts really tight and she said that it was excruciating! She saw her daughter when she was 6 months old at a court hearing for about 15 minutes but that was it. In order to get her daughter back, she had to go through different therapy, counseling, she had to work with DHS and she also had to go through random drug and alcohol testing. She was finally released and she was finally able to reunite with her daughter Micah.

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