New Start-Up 'Yumi' Delivers Baby Food Directly To Your Door

Yes, it's a business opportunity - but make no mistake. Delivering new parents healthy food for their babies was also a social mission for two friends who recently launched their early childhood meal delivery service, Yumi.

Angela Sutherland had been looking for a career change following the birth of her first child. Little did she know, while searching for information on which foods are best to feed her new baby, she would stumble into entrepreneurship.


It all began when Sutherland came across conflicting information as she was trying to decide on which baby food brands to purchase. Not only was there a lot of misinformation, it seemed, but the products she found all contained massive amounts of sugar.

There had to be better way.

Coupled with her knowledge about the importance of nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life, Sutherland reached out to her friend, Evelyn Rusli, a reporter for the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, who coincidentally, had spent years writing about innovation and startups. Together, the pair quit their jobs and focused on their new business venture. After working with investors, raising over $4 million dollars, and meeting with a team of physicians and dieticians to plan their meals, they officially launched last summer to a welcome reception.

Turns out, there is certainly a market for healthy baby food - and surprisingly, their customers aren't just little ones! During a recent interview with CNBC, Rusli revealed that adult men actually make up a significant portion of their clients.

"That was unexpected," she said. "We noticed that people were just ordering it for themselves. A lot of them were men who wanted to eat more plants in their diet."

Their idea is simple: each week, you get a set of customized meals delivered directly to your door, specially curated by the age and development of your child. The cost is about five dollars or less per jar - and for some younger children, one jar could equal two whole meals. You are able to order six, 10, or 12 meals per week, and the products all come in recyclable and compostable materials. Yumi donates all unused perishable items to a Los Angeles-based non-profit, which works to feed hungry communities in the area.

Yumi believes that parents should expect more from their baby food. With over 60 varieties of "chef-curated and nutritionally dense baby meals made with fresh, organic ingredients and high-quality superfoods", their mission is to help make those first 1,000 the most nutritious as possible.

And they certainly deliver.

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