What 2019's Zodiac Calendar Means For Newborns

I’m not one for superstitions but New Year’s Eve brings out my mystical side! Since the New Year is a time for new beginnings, many cultural traditions make predictions for the coming year. These practices all revolve around determining the good luck and fortune you’ll have in the next twelve months. And in the world of “luck”, the day you’re born is said to dictate your entire life. Babies born in 2019 will be born into The Year Of The Pig. But what does that zodiac sign mean for these babies? Will they have good luck?

What Is The Chinese Zodiac For 2019?

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2019 is The Year Of The Pig according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. Pigs are considered extremely lucky animals in Chinese culture. When you observe a pig, you see them living a life of leisure! Pigs eat whatever they want and don’t do a lot of work. Their existence is pretty much: eat, play, sleep, repeat. This carefree life is interpreted as a blessing to the pig. Of course, these positive pig traits are said to be shared by any child born into The Year Of The Pig.

Note: Technically, the Chinese New Year begins on February 4th, with February 5th as the big day to celebrate the new beginning.

Character Traits Of Babies Born In The Year Of The Pig

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In real life, pigs are stinky and dirty. But in the eyes of followers of the Chinese zodiac, pigs are so much more than their appearance! Pigs are smart; actually, some consider pigs to be one of the smartest animals in the world. They’re very sociable beings, trusting and loyal. Their sturdy frame gives them a sense of being hardworking and reliable. But it’s not all positive! Sometimes pigs fall to their dark side; they’re judgemental, impatient, and easy to irritate. Because pigs are so social, it’s easy to make friends with a baby born in the Year Of The Pig. Some might feel like they’re too friendly and butting into private matters.

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Where Does The Pig Fall In The 12 Chinese Zodiacs?

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The Pig is the last animal in the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and connected to the Female Water sign. Chinese astrology is accompanied by a Five Elements Theory. In this theory, the Water sign is connected to great wisdom. The feminine nature of the Pig zodiac means that Pigs can see situations from many different perspectives. Their strong memory and ability to put themselves in others’ shoes mean most Pigs are well-regarded by their peers. Pids are seen as smart, wise, and trustworthy.

Of course, there’s a sense of duality in the sign. The month that represents the Pig is November, which is the beginning of the month of winter. Water in winter becomes dangerous. It doesn’t help plants grow. It can become slippery ice that causes accidents. Cold water is destructive, not helpful. As a result, Pig babies have dual personalities. An impatient, irritated Pig can become very self-centered and stubborn. But this coldness will always melt away to reveal a happy, friendly, and loyal Pig.

What Does This Mean For Babies Born In The Year Of The Pig?

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Babies born in 2019 will have good luck and great fortune throughout their lives! Because their personality is influenced by the sign of the Pig, 2019 babies will be social and loyal. Their peers will consider them wise and just on good days - and maybe a little stubborn on their bad days.

I still don’t swear by any astrological practices, but I can see how it might be fun to study them! Predicting what the future holds for 2019 babies is amusing, sure! But it has nothing on the joy of bringing new life into the world in the New Year!

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Will you be having a baby in The Year Of The Pig? Do you think they’ll be wise and sociable, like the Pig sign? Give me your predictions on Twitter @p3isugarpi3 with #YearOfThePig.

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